My first experience with Wittlebee was great. And I was on their customer list only because I loved the idea of a stylist team sending out a surprise box of children's clothes every month. 

I earned a few bucks with their Referral Program and won a Lately Lily Contest on their page and qualified for a free box of clothes. I never say No to more clothes because there can never be enough clothes for a girl. 

Our second box (November) was great. (I didn't review this earlier because I didn't go live here until recently.)

Le Top ~ $38
American Apparel Baseball shirt ($10), Wittlebee (Cottonseed) Shirt and Pants (~ $10)
Now this box works fine with me because of two things - 
1. I got a Le Top dress for lil O. 
2. When I shop for clothes - I inevitably end up with really nice clothes that I hate to expend on playtime or daycare. I never have enough layering clothes or plain shirts. I really like the AA shirts and the new Cottonseed shirts are great quality shirts/pants. 

In this box I also got a strawberry black leggings with lace trim. (not pictured)

So over all, this worked great for us as a free box. It would have been good even if I paid for it. 

If you click on any of the Wittlebee links and subscribe to them, you will get $10 off your first order (And I will get a referral fee!). 

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