I don't remember how I stumbled upon Wittlebee. I just can't remember but it was on one of my one-thing-led-to-another search trek through the internet wonderland. 
Anyways, I fell in love with the concept (until then I never knew anything about subscription boxes). And because it didn't occur to me before and the surprise element is just so awesome, I loved it from set-go! 
But, I didn't order just then. Yes, I am cautious when it comes to surprises as well. I did a little bit of research and waited. Sean Percival, a man that wears many hats is CEO here. I am intrigued by his various interest and his entrepreneur spirit. Either ways, I liked how they came up with the name Wittlebee and how it was the bandwagon to hop on. 
As though Wittlebee was reading my mind, it popped an invite with a promotion offering their $39.99 for 6 item box for $14.99. I took the bait. 

Wittlebee offers clothing for kids at $39.99 for 6 items every month. You can pick your child's gender, size and style. Throw in some notes as well. They will match it as much as possible. This is fashioned as a grab bag with a considerate nod. (A grab bag is a bag of items unseen and random of various values).

If you have a picky dresser or are a picky mom with a keen & unique sense of style and are very involved in your lil Diva or Dude's clothes, then grab boxes may not be for you. You will have more fun shopping for items yourself. 

But for the rest of you who likes to experiment, try new brands, be surprised, then Wittlebee is fun. It's a small business and that's what America is all about! 

So my wittlebundle (yes, slowly you begin to talk, walk and wittle like them) came in a couple of weeks later (I don't remember - I don't track these things diligently and O is not walking around in the nude, though she would love to). 

First of the bat, I loved their box. It is sweet. 

Wittlebee Box
Left to Right: American Apparel Pink shirt, Lately Lily Tee, Strawberry Leggings, WB Hearts Tunic, Le Top dress and tights.
I don't remember what my style selections were but I asked them not to include Carter and Old Navy items as I don't like them much. 
I got some nice clothes indeed. Especially for the value! 

Above all else, I loved that Wittlebee introduced me to some great brands - Lately, Lily (I love these $28 tees but not particularly the one pictured), Le Top, Tea Collection, Trish Scully Child, American Apparel (the solid Pink pictured - it is awesome quality and great for layering), Baby Nay, Warrior Poet

Some of these brands do feature on Zulily, even then you will not be able to put together a great box as this one for $39.99 (shipping included) or less. 

Give Wittlebee a try for $10 off by clicking here. (I get a referral fee as well. Win-win, isn't it?)

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1/7/2013 07:30:47 pm

I too tried it for about 3 months but I joined at a bad time and they must have been having growing pains as only my first box got to me within10 days then the second box took 3 weeks and then I canceled as they were ready to charge me for the 4th box and the 3rd. Hadn't even arrived yet. So when the fun went out of it and I was more stressed than excited I stopped. But saying that I did get some really cute clothes. I don't know how many whittle bee t-shirts one person can own but it kind of felt like they threw those in as 'fillers' so I always felt one shirt short per box. But my dd loved the stickers and the packaging.

1/8/2013 02:23:05 pm

Maybe you can try again now? Or in a few months? I believe they were regrouping and moving to a bigger warehouse and putting better plans/partners in place.

1/8/2013 05:44:43 am

Before subscribing, be sure to check a few unaffiliated review sites because Wittlebee aggressively censors everything they can. Wittlebee has an F rating from the Better Business Bureau and a "Stay Away" rating from subscriptionboxes.com.

I canceled my account (and it wasn't easy - they ignored my request several times) after receiving several boxes. The reason for my cancelation was that they just kept sending me a majority of items my daughter could not wear like sleeveless items in the winter, clothing that was the wrong size, item types that don't work for us (like footie PJs for a potty training toddler) and that we specifically asked them not to send in our notes (I do not believe they pay any attention to the "notes" they ask for), and even items for a boy. I was able to exchange the incorrectly sized items, but they wanted me to pay return shipping and it took weeks to resolve the issue and a few more weeks to receive the replacements.

It is fun to receive a surprise every month, but it is not a value or a time saver. BUYER BEWARE!

1/8/2013 02:29:59 pm

That's really sad that you had such a bad experience with Wittlebee. It's almost like we are talking about two different companies here. My experience has been excellent and so has the folks I referred. I did hear a lot of negative noise about them and thought they handled it.
Every company has a few customers that they will mess up with pretty bad and every customer will have a few companies that they fall out with.
Hope you find another children's clothing club that will dazzle you and yours lil ones. :)

1/8/2013 07:26:37 am

You were the one who introduced me to Wittlebee, and I got my first box in November '12. I loved the clothes. The brands included 3 pieces of Calvin Klein, 2 American Apparel, 1 Warrior Poet. The Delivery took a little time, but it was totally worth the wait. I cant wait to get the Threadless Tee's in my next box. :)


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