Totally! The most adorable Kid's Lunch bags ever! EVER! 

I love the Lunch Bags that they have for kids. The reason I included Skip Hop here, even though I don't own one (yet) was because that's where my search began. (And Gap Lunch Bag seems to be a clear-but-not-quite substitute to Skip Hop.)  
Skip Hop Zebra Lunch Bag (click picture to check out other Skip Hop bags)
I almost bought this adorable Zebra (they have plenty of different creatures) Lunch bag when I stumbled upon this beautiful little girl bag from Dabbawalla Bags. 
Dabbawalla Bags Flower Power II Lunch Bag, Purple/Blue
They have more Dabbawalla bags with different themes, prints and creatures. I liked this best for the moment. I bought this on Amazon (click to see more options) for $24. It is not really insulated and for my purposes, it didn't need to be. The best part (apart from it being oh-so-cute) is that it is washable. It fits plenty of stuff in and my 2 year old lugs it around and has no trouble opening it or getting her stuff out. Getting her to eat that stuff is another matter. 
The reason why this bag jumped out at me was the name - Dabbawalla. This literally translates to Tiffin Box Men. Dabbawallas are very popular in Mumbai, India. They are a team who delivers lunches to people. Doesn't sound very interesting, right? The details are that they deliver to millions of people exactly at lunch hour and exactly what they ordered with rarely ever a mistake. Read more about Dabbawallas of Mumbai here
Two sisters head Dabbawalla Bags and the name was inspired by the Tiffin Box men of India. The sister have it right. I love the simple design, vibrant colors and that it is made of biodegradable material. 
This Gap lunch bag reminded me so much of the Skip Hop bags and I got a couple for my nephew and Lil A. It's much smaller than the Dabbawalla and Skip Hop Lunch Bags but are pretty. 

Next up is some style for a little tough eater - A Tory Burch exclusive for Target.

(Dabbawalla bag fits all these items as well but it's a tight fit.) 
Look at all the junk that I feed my kids fit perfectly in there.
Over the Holidays, I found this Tory Burch Lunch Bag at Target. This is from their Neiman Marcus line. And it was on sale. Who could pass that by? I got it for about $5; it was originally priced at $15 or $19. (Thank you Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!)

I couldn't resist (Yes, very weak will power when it comes to killer deals on kids stuff at Target) and I bought the Thermal Flask as well. The Lunch Bag is very nicely insulated and very spacious. 
So out with the old, reliable, sturdy flask and in with the new, unproven, glamorous one (Hmmm... why does this feel like a scandal?)

I am sure there are many more cute Lunch Bags out there, I just wish they can go their way and not disturb me anymore. 

Which is your favorite lunch bag?

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