My girlfriend Lidz asked me to vote for our friend Alex's designs on Threadless. There started my fixation with the cool designs and stuff on Threadless

I browsed endlessly while perched on the fence until Black Friday came and I succumbed to their alluring and clever designs. The one that truly caught my eye was for BK with the title 'Rock out with your Cock out'. Haha! You will totally haha when you see the design! (They don't have it on their site anymore but I love it in Red and am waiting to get another one in Red for BK)

We picked up a trial bunch of tees for both of us and I loved BK's tees. They fit well and looked awesome on him. I picked all round neck ones for me - they are nice but I wish they fit a tad looser - their large is like Loft's small size but longer. 
After I placed my order, they announced some of the tees a few $ off and free shipping. I mailed them (that's the only way to reach them) and asked that they adjust my order. They did - promptly. That was nice.

I really liked their tees. But after the first wash, it shrunk slightly and didn't have that new and sharp look that it came with. It looked ever slightly so jaded. But still comfy and nice. 
So I placed another order. There was a glitch that caused a delay and they let me know about it and refunded my shipping charge - $7. Pretty nice again. 

This time around, the tees didn't seem to have the same quality as the first time around (they were all on sale for $9.99) - I think. Either ways, I really like most of them. I am considering returning couple because I made a poor judgement of how they would look in person. If I have to pay for the return, then it stays. I just don't believe in shipping costs along with product costs. (I will pay any one only!)

Threadless has a sale on right now for tees going at $7.95. 

(Threadless will give me about $3 for every one who will buy using the links in this post.)


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1/7/2013 02:09:33 pm

I like the Sail/Feather design and the Moon too.
Did you see 'I fell' - thought that was really kool.


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