The Little Book Club is the brain child of Doug and Sara Ludlow. In order to help extremely busy parents with cultivating the interest of reading and enriching their children's lives, the Ludlows founded the Little Book Club. 

The Little Book Club curates interesting and popular books based on the child's age and in keeping with a theme for the month. It saves parents the time spent in looking for new books, new lessons and fun ways to teach it. 

I found a deal on Plum District for The Little Book Club and grabbed it. This monthly service costs a slightly steep $24.95 for a set of three books. The books are amazing, the packaging and presentation is awesome. I snagged this deal for $13 for the first month. 

And this is what we got. 

This large book mail was addressed to lil O. I tried to show her and tell her that this was for her. She seemed interested enough for a 2 year old. There was a little envelope with her name printed and that was adorable. 
The theme for the month of March was 'Days of the Week'. This was perfect because I hadn't gotten to teaching lil O days of the week or months yet. 

Let me tell you right away - now she knows some days of the week but not in order yet. 
Information Card
The books
We did not own any of the books here. I usually look at the Best Seller Lists for Tots and on Amazon's Popular Lists for lil O's reading collection. But I never got around to picking up books with a theme in mind. That's where the Little Book Club comes in perfectly. I love that they do the research and curates age appropriate books around a lesson. And I can tell you that it actually works. 

Lil O's favorite book amongst these, was Cookie's Week
This book is priced at $5.99 and is the cheapest book in this set. This book traces a cat - Cookie's terrible messes on each day of the week. Lil O and I read this book so easily because so many of things that Cookie does, lil O did. And we laughed while reading this book. And this is the book where lil O got some of the days of the week. 
At the most expensive price point in this set, Tuesday at $17 was our least favorite. This book has a bunch of beautifully put together and highly creative pictures of flying frogs. It's nice but I had such a hard time explaining it to lil O. 
I really liked this book and I am going to hold it until lil O is old enough to comprehend the imagination this book calls for. 
At the end of this book, I asked her if she liked it. 

She said, 'Ribbit'. 

Since I laughed so hard, now every time she wants to get away with something, she says, 'Ribbit'. 
The last book in this set is Today is Monday. This is supposed to be a song, is it? I am not sure. It has a bunch of fun pictures. This book is priced at $6.99. 
So these book total at $30, which is more than the $24.95 that they charge on a monthly basis. It is not much of a value deal in my opinion. But - BUT, how much time would you have taken to define a theme, find good books around that theme and then ship them to your door step? That's a huge effort. I should know. Then the feel-good factors of the printed envelope and information card - all of that totals up, you know?

Given that, $24.95 is awesome.  

The Little Book Club has good Customer Service as well. The delivery was a little slow and I was not pleased. When I contacted them, the founder (or someone in his stead) Doug responded almost immediately with an explanation and apology. And they also offered us a free month. That is awesome and I look forward to The Little Book Club deliveries. 

And Lil O looks forward more to jumping and popping the bubbles on the big bubble wrap that the books come neatly wrapped in. 
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4/5/2013 10:33:14 am

this looks pretty cool...will check it out. thx for sharing da

5/31/2013 03:33:36 am

It is... I love how they curate and their themes.


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