Our second Sweet Pea box came this weekend. We got some new brands to try and some standard good quality clothes. 

Bellinni - $35
You shouldn't be surprised anymore to know that I haven't heard of this brand - Bellinni nor of Bebe Bella Designs. Ha! But I really like the print on this tunic. I also like how it is 'proudly made in the USA'! When I first saw the outfit, I wasn't sure about it because the tunic reminded me of the Indian kurtas. Not that, that's a bad thing at all just that I can get amazing kurtas in India. It's only after Heather noted did I realize the value of this brand. This tunic is on Zulily for $24 (as of 01/20/2013). Expensive or not, it's a pretty outfit. 
Gymboree shirt and Old Navy Skirt - $9
This is my least favorite Gymboree shirt. It is great quality but the colors and horizontal stripes throws me. I have pajamas from Gymboree that look like this and maybe that's why. 

The pants are Polo. I am on the fence with this one. I used to have various faded gray denims. I used to like them. I think I need one right now. Even then, for Lil O, I think this will look like a boy's pants. Not because it's gray but because of the way it looks. Maybe I can infuse something pink or indigoandviolet into it. Maybe I am over thinking this and need to leave it be. Yes, that's it. 

This is a Gymboree shirt. I got an Old Navy denim skirt. I put a carter's tights to make an outfit. Let me just come clean and say that I snub Old Navy. I do not know why. I haven't tried children's clothes from them despite receiving some nice ones as gifts. But this denim skirt is something I like because it's a standard, very light skirt and it's good play-wear  now that I actually think about it. 

Gymboree shirt with Polo Pants - $25
Sweet Pea Box
So this is what we got this month. I am not as thrilled as the first time but I did get more than I paid for ($40). As always the customer service is great over their email or Sweet Pea on Facebook

If you wish to get on the Sweet pea Box subscription, you can mail customerservice@sweetpeabox.com and cross your fingers. They will mail you as soon as they have a Sweet Pea Spot ready for you. 

When you do mail them, if you indicate indigoandviolet, I may get something. for the referral (I believe they are still ironing out their options). 

Check out our first Sweet Pea Box. 


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