Sweet Pea Box is Heather Strader's brain sweet child. It is not simply just a children's clothing club. It is a clothes' club run by a mother, for mothers everywhere. It has heart and soul written all over it (actually packed gently in). 

Sweet Pea Box - first look
Heather Strader runs a fabrication business with her brother as a day job but she had an idea and above all else she had the stamina and guts to chase her dream. 

Being 7 months pregnant at the time with her 5th child didn't hamper that, she set sail. In Dec 2012, she had a soft launch and sent out Sweet Pea boxes just before her water broke. (She answered several customer service feedback herself a few days after her lil baby girl came!). 

This passionate mother offers 3 monthly plans - 4 items for $30, 6 items for $40 and 8 items for $50. Her site - Sweet Pea Box asks basic preferences and option to provide some notes. But the unique quality about Sweet Pea Box for now is its very personal touch. Heather and her team got in touch with almost every customer and clarified notes, offered known items to fulfill styles preferences and met every request. 
Make no mistake, Sweet Pea Box is a grab box with a considerate nod. But for Heather and her family, it's customers first. 
I ordered a split box and actually spend time over email discussing some items I saw on the Sweet Pea Box facebook page. I got my first box within 5 days of ordering it. 
Left to Right: Gymboree White Shirt & Green Shirt, Disney Skirt, Tea Collection Dress & capris, Kate Quinn Kimono onesie, Sleepwear PJs.
Needless to say, the value of this box is way above the $40 I paid for it. I especially love the Kate Moss onesie and Disney skirt. 

Heather says (over email recently), "Love the concept of helping busy moms just like me! I think the service is great for busy moms, or moms who live in a small town and do not have shopping choices.Also love the surprise and thrill of monthly subscriptions! I hope to deliver a great product quickly and to provide great customer service as well as to forge friendships with many moms! I hope this puts more time in each person's day so they can read, play, or just rock their babies longer!"
I love the name of her club and I think you will love the club. The brands that she offers are Tea Collection, Kicky Pants, Macys', Gymboree, The Children's Place, Disney, Old Navy, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Kate Quinn, Mim Pi, Flappadoodle, Kenneth Cole, Polo, Nike. Paul Frank and more. (If you know half of these brands, you are crazier than I am - I am still reeling from the brands that exists for kids. So why do they stop at kid sizes, just make them a tad...A huge TAD bigger so that I can wear these lovelies too)

Right now, due to the overwhelming demand coupled with the personal touch and attention Sweet Pea Box offers, they maintain a wait list. You can mail customerservice@sweetpeabox.com and cross your fingers. They will mail you as soon as they have a Sweet Pea Spot ready for you. 

When you do mail them, if you indicate indigoandviolet, I will get something. (I believe they are still ironing out their options). 


All opinions on indigoandviolet, expressed explicitly or implied are mine own. None of them have been influenced by any person, company, wine or money. And none are intended to persuade or dissuade any users to make purchases of their own. 
6/26/2013 04:19:07 pm

What does it say if you knew all those brands? I miss the days when my daughter let me dress her, she only wants naartjie now, which is far from my style preference. The only kid I get to dress is my 4 year old son, and being the 3rd boy in a row, it's just not any fun, you can only own so many polo shirts with coordinating plaid shorts before they all just look the same.


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