I wouldn't know where to start with Lately Lily. I just simply adore their idea for this line of clothing and their T-shirts are simply beautiful. Ok, they are not just simply beautiful; they are incredible. 

I was introduced to Lately Lily when I got my first Wittlebee box and I have been in love with Lately Lily since then.

Their character, the adorable Lily here is the globe-trotting daughter of a photographer and writer for the International Exposition (Definitive Journal of Global Curiosity). Read more about her on Lately Lily. Lily travels to places and her T-shirts show depictions of the places she has been to, people she met and what she is feeling lately. 

I love this about them. 

Lately Lily from Wittlebee
Their tees are pretty nice - cotton, casual, fun with amazing graphics. Take a look at the tags - how adorable is that? When lil O saw the picture of lil Lily on this tag, and that's all she wanted. 
Shy Lily tee
I won the Shy Lily Tee (pictured above) on their facebook page for a giveaway they held. And now this is one of my favorite tees. Like I always say, why oh why do they not make one of these in my size? 
This company has some really fun and creative people (this is from my interactions with them on Facebook and mail during the giveaway contest).  Check out Lately Lily's blog - Sunny Yellow Dispatch.

You can shop for the Lately Lily tees here. You will absolutely love their designs. I have my eyes set on this Just Start tee
from Lately Lily.com
They do have plans to feature long sleeve tees and something equally adorable for boys. 

Every once in a while Lately Lily goes on some sort of a sale on their site and on Zulily


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