Kiwi Crate is another fun and exciting monthly subscription box for kids between the ages 3 to 7. 

Kiwi crate provides all the material and instructions for little fun projects that mommies, daddies can do with their little ones. They take up a theme every month and tie in two projects with that and have all the material and instructions to do that project. It is $19.99 per month and their annual subscription gets you one free box. All their other plans does not knock off much from the monthly cost. But it is totally worth it. 

I order one when there was a special promotion during Black Friday (2012) and ordered the box for December. The theme for December was Antarctic Adventure. The two projects were 'My Penguin Bowling' and 'My Aurora Postcards'. They also set you up with a pair of scissors. 

We tackled the Penguins right away. Once again, I loved it... Lil O loved it too. BK joined in when he saw all the hullabaloo over pieces of nicely cut cardboard and stickers. 

Lil O was a champ at dressing these penguins up with the stickers. She is much too young to tackle this project or Kiwi crate alone. So BK and I took over the styling of these penguins' wardrobe!    

Dressed to the T
After they were all attired in designer wear and perfectly accessorized, the bowling began! 
The terrified penguins fell before the ball got to them. Our fast paced bowler grinned!
Sorry, the picture is very blurry - she may be two - she is a sixer when it comes to bowling (the cricket kind of bowling!)

This was a fun, fun activity and took up about an hour of doing stuff together. But I definitely need Lil O to be older to truly enjoy these projects. 

I shared the Aurora Postcards project with another mommy that I came across from the Wittlebee facebook page. There was no way that Lil O would paint anything but our walls, furniture and herself. So I passed it along to someone who would enjoy it the way it was meant to be. 

In this box, we also got a penguin ice tray. I can't wait to put juice in it, freeze it and give them to Lil O. She will be thrilled to bits. Inspired by this ice tray, I hunted around for some thing similar and found a few at Target. 
Kiwit crate ice tray
Target ice trays for $1 each
Try Kiwi Crate here and get $10 off your first box (it will be $9.99). You can pause and cancel any time (even after the first box). Do let me know what you thought. 


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