Julep was created as a tribute to the girlfriends who tell it like it is. Julep is a monthly Nail Color (and other products too) subscription box. For $19.99 per month, you will receive about $30-50 worth of nail color that suits your style profile. Your style profile is determined with a style quiz that Julep administers when you are all set to be a Julep Maven.  

For your introductory box, click here and when you check out, enter JULEPVIP and you will receive your first Julep box for $.01 (shipping of $3.99). 

My very sharp and cute Julep box arrived in the mail today. Though I am not a nail paint person, (I would just rather go to my manicurist or leave my nails at unpainted dullness) I love Julep's very stylish package and their nail paint bottles. 

Yes, apparently I am Boho Glam. (Actually I was Classic with a Twist but I liked these colors better)
The difference with the Julep boxes are that they work like Fabkids. They will notify you when your box is selected and you can go online and see it for yourself. If you like it, the wait for shipping begins (very quick delivery). If it's not for you, you can skip a month, you can change it with another style type or you can cancel all together. Always a hit, never a miss? Feels like it! 
Loving their Packaging
The Julep Nail Colors are valued at $14 on their site but discounted to $11.20. The surprise gift included in my Julep box was the Julep Daylight Defense Lip Balm values at $6 but discounted to ~$5. The Julep Essential Cuticle Oil is valued at $18 but discounted to $14.40. So looks like for $4, I got products worth $42. That's awesome. And for a monthly $19.99 (shipping included), the same value of products would be sent to you. 

As a Maven, you will have access to their shop, 20% of all the Julep products (they have body scrubs, Jewelry Box, scrub towels, nail treatment products, hand lotion, pedicure treatments and some Julep exclusive nail colors) and free shipping. 
I love the Julep nail color bottles - very sleek, handy and different. I am taking my new fav color - 'Michelle' to my nail spa soon (yes, that lazy!). 

Go ahead, click on any of the links for Julep here and get your first Nail Color set for just $4 and see if you like it. I may get points when you join. 


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