Left to Right: Overalls, Cotton Candy, Teacup, Birthday Cake, Friendship, Cream Puff. Across: Kimono
You will not hear too much of noise from me on make up. I am not that into makeup. Not because I don't need it but because I just can't put it all together. 
So here is one the few times that I will put up something I think is simply awesome. 

I don't know how long the Hello Kitty Get Charmmy Eyeshadow Sticks have been around, but when I stumbled upon it - I just loved it. I love it how I go on one of these blind excursions and come away with something awesome. 

This time I was on Sephora and found the color Birthday Cake in this Eyeshadow Stick on sale and I tried it (I was trying to add something to my order to qualify for free shipping! Heh!). 

I loved it. I went back and got a set for $38. 

Picture link up from Sephora.com
Now here's where the poll comes in. The names of these colors are just irrelevant to the color but perhaps is relevant to our notion of color or makeup (Check out the picture and it's names). 

So the Color of Friendship apparently is Light Beige. I personally think it's indigoandviolet but sure, Beige. 50% of voters went with Lavender but noone thought Beige. 

Cream Puff turned out to be Light Lavender not the Yellow that 44% thought it to be. 

Cotton Candy must be Duh, Pink! said 67% but not so! It is Plum! A beautiful Plum. 

Lastly Overalls was indeed a form of Denim Blues (not solid, not just blue). 

Why is a deep glittery indigo called Kimono? I have no idea but these Charmmy Sticks are real fun. 

If you do try them, let me know which ahem, color you liked best. 


All opinions on indigoandviolet, expressed explicitly or implied are mine own. None of them have been influenced by any person, company, wine or money. And none are intended to persuade or dissuade any users to make purchases of their own. 
1/6/2013 11:09:18 am

Thank you for this as I was just looking to buy new eye shadows this so helps:)

1/7/2013 03:43:38 am

Mission Accomplished

6/16/2017 11:39:13 pm

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