We as a family love trying new foods. And if we can find a snack/dish that Lil O would eat without fussing then it's a success. 

One such recent success has been Graze Box. Graze.com was started by 7 friends who wanted to get healthy, fun snacks to the doorsteps of people who wanted to live not just happily but healthy too. 

They have two types of boxes - Nibble Box (a whole lot of variety of snacks) and Light Box (Low calorie snacks). For $5 a week (you can stop/cancel/postpone), you will get a box of four different snacks to taste and enjoy. The best thing that I like about Graze is that you can go to their site and rate what you think you will like, love or hate. This will ensure that you are never sent things that you know you will hate unless you want to give it a try. And if you love something that you got, then tell them you love it and it will keep coming in your next boxes. 

My Graze box took a little long to deliver but usually it takes just a few days. 
I love their box. What can I do with it?
In our first box, we got Billionaire's Shortbread (fudge pieces, blanched almonds, milk chocolate drops, cranberries), Tropical Sundae (pineapple, mango and banana coins), Korean Chili Rice Crackers (spicy chili rice crackers) and Mississippi BBQ Pistachios (roasted pistachios with BBQ seasoning). We loved the Korean Chili Rice Crackers and BBQ Pistachios the best. 
This is the best part - Lil O enjoying it without any cajoling, threats or sulks. Thank you Graze

Graze.com is only taking new members by invitation. Click on any of the links here and try your first Graze box for free (I have only 4 more invites left as on 02/11/2013). You can pause or cancel anytime. Your first and every 5th box is free. 

Graze away folks. (I earn $1 upto $5 when anyone signs up using my link)


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2/11/2013 01:37:37 am

I've been meaning to comment on your Blog forever!! I LOVE IT....LOVE IT...LOVE IT... :) Keep writing! You have an beautiful way of writing... Really funny too! :) I really enjoyed it so far... I've been trying to catch up.. :) Now, I just saw this post about graze.com..Kind of curious and feel like trying it... Can you send me an invite? Muahzz! P.S. I love the pictures that you post too...

2/11/2013 03:02:45 am

:) Thank you so much! I mailed you.

For everyone else: No, I am not commenting and replying to my own posts. Jenz and I have the exact same maiden names and we are KICKA$$!

2/11/2013 05:09:41 am

LOL!! ;) YEAH, WE ROCK!! ;) xoxo

2/11/2013 03:37:37 am

Totally neat, isn't it?! Loved it too!
Initially I thought I'll just pick up the free box and be done with it. I love food/snacks, but not really a healthy person. After trying out their first box.. well, i intend to keep the subscription going, may be pause/push by coulpe of weeks but never canceling.

I got the Korean Chili rice crackers, Billioner's Shortbread, Tropical Daiquiri, Omega Booster Seeds - they were all good. Loved the Korean Chili, would be nice to get a bigger bag though, don't you think? ;) (after cheetos?! lol)

Now I understand how they can give out the first box for free, cos you are gonna keep coming back for more.

Thanks for Graze-ing me in Ginzz!!

2/11/2013 04:28:32 am

Yes, I want a big bag of Korean Chili crackers. It needs to stop being a snack and start being a food group! :) Let me ask them.
Enjoy grazing!

2/21/2013 05:26:28 pm

Me too.. I want I want.. u better stop writing about food.. I like PB & J too.. I love u

2/22/2013 01:58:39 am

See how when I talk about food and you love me... I think I see a correlation. When I see you next, I will get you some of this stuff.


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