I know I did this when I was a child. And that child, who just won't go away still loves to build little castles and hide in make-shift tents and under duvets and quilts. 

EasyPlayhouse creates durable green castles and houses that are easy to put together. It is cardboard cut outs put together to form the perfect little hide aways. 

I found one on Zulily this Christmas and bought one for my 2 year old who will hide under any table or behind every door and one for our nephew. I bought the Crafty Cottage (this is the one where the roof has a crescent moon with stars and shapes on the body). They also have the Castle (four corner tower style) and a Classic Playhouse (I think this is the same as Crafty Cottage except the roof has the sun with clouds and stars on the body). I like the Craft Cottage the best because I am always looking for hidden lessons for O. The shapes on the body is her little lesson and she loves me doing a little peek-a-boo through them with her  finding the shape through which I am staring down at her. Check out the EasyPlayhouses here

Easy Playhouse - The Crafty Cottage and it's little resident
Needless to say - I love it... I mean, she loves it. 

It came right on time and very compactly packed. There was a nice picture instruction on how to put together the two piece house. Easiest construction ever. 

The material is durable enough but not as much as I hoped it would be. Especially the doors and windows. I did some taping here and there, just so that it won't tear when it is played with. 

Another thing I have a crib about is that it is space consuming (not that I expected otherwise) but I wish there was an easy way to fold it down and tuck it under a bed or behind a door. I had to dismantle it and put it away. 

I love that you can draw and color on it and get everyone's creativity flowing. The playhouse is reversible - it comes with the usual brown cardboard side and a white side. 

I would recommend EasyPlayHouse for every little (or big) child. 

Prices - For the product, it's worth it but doesn't it become more worthy when it's cheaper? At the online store, it's priced at $40 with a $9.99 shipping charge. I hate shipping costs. There is a provision to enter coupon codes, if they are available. 

Wait for it on Zulily and get it at 50% off. (You can set up notifications to remind you when it is on)

Don't you just love how people take the things we know & love and make them into such viable products? I always have 'Why-didn't-I-think-of-it'? moments every once in a while. 

Do you have an Easyplayhouse? What do you like most about it? 

Would you get one?

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