Our current favorite brand of toys are B. Toys. And by ours I mean (for once) all of us - BK, the kids and me. 

This Christmas BK got lil O a guitar. I hadn't seen it and he kept telling me that it's different. A toy guitar is a guitar, that's a guitar. 

But when lil O unwrapped it on Christmas, it was like the magic of Christmas itself. The 'guitar' is actually the 'Woofer'. It's a hound dog that's shaped like a guitar, looks like a guitar but is not just a guitar. It's awesome. 

Lil A stealing a play at the Woofer
It has so many features, 9 songs, music buttons, guitar strings to play pre-recorded tunes, chords and more. It is the most fun-est guitar I have ever come across. 
B.Toys is green, very playful, bright and creative and it is much more fun than the alternate brands that I have seen. It's a little pricey but for what you are getting, it's absolutely worth every penny.
Who better to fix your boo-boo than you-you?
Lil O has a fear of doctors. And since I am a textbook parent, I believe everything they say on Baby Center and every other book on parenting, I got her a Doctor's set. And imagine my thrill when I found that B.Toys has a doctor's set - Dr. Doctor! It's fun yet very basic. It's nice enough but I think I have seen more sophisticated sets. But this being green, non-toxic, colorful and fun - I would go with B.Toys any day. 

Dr. Doctor
It is a basic set of 9 instruments. The instruments do not closely resemble real ones and had me scratching my head several times. But lil O took to it and made of each piece what she wanted. As long as it works for her! And it looks like it got her thinking creatively. 

Of course, we didn't want to leave Lil A out of all the B.fun. So we 'shared' O's blocks - One Two Squeeze Blocks with A and she loves to chew on them. The colors are so beautiful that we used it in our first family portrait as well. Did you notice the indigoandviolet colors in the picture below? 
One, Two, Squeeze
Do you see the beautiful indigoandviolet colors?
Wheeee -ls!
Recently, we picked up Wheeee-ls! I love these little guys! They remind of the movie Cars but much much cuter. One of them rattles, another chimes, another squeaks and rings. Best part? It's all mechanical. I love mechanical toys - they have a charm to themselves. 

What's more? I love their packaging - which is all made of safe, recycled material. All about the Earth. 

Above all that, I love the little booklet that they include with each and every toy. This has inspirational little quotes - B.You, B.Sincere, B.confident. And it has many darnest things Kids say! It's fun and funny. I am saving each booklet for Lil O and Lil A to read when they are old enough. 
Lastly, B.toys gives 10¢ to Free The Children for every B.toy that is bought. It probably doesn't sound like much but so far our household has contributed 40¢, haven't we? And it's not like we are going to stop there. Up next, Lil A is getting the geeky, grinning Meowsic
You can buy B.Toys at Target or on Amazon. 


All opinions on indigoandviolet, expressed explicitly or implied are mine own. None of them have been influenced by any person, company, wine or money. 

All the B.Toys that are pictured here were bought by either BK or me. The One Two Squeeze Blocks were a prize for lil O for Best Halloween Costume 2012. She was Foofa from the Yo Gabba Gabba fame. 
I love Zulily - yes, love. I find so many things here. Mostly clothes for the girls and sometimes for me. I find children's books at great prices and recently the EasyPlayHouse. 
I also find some shoes too. What more can a girl ask. 

I love Zulily because:
  • Good Prices: Their prices are real sweet. Not the lowest sometimes but great value for that period of time. 
  • Great Referral Program: They would give you $20 referral fee (used to be $15) when they ship something to a person you referred. 
  • Variety of Brands: You will find a whole lot of things under one roof. I love that. Though I do notice that their home decor and kitchen stuff are expensive. 
  • The BEST Customer Service: I cannot rave enough about their customer service. Let me tell you how they WOWed me. 

I bought a dress and ended up putting it in the cart twice (yes, my enthusiasm gets the best of me). I went on ahead and ordered everything in my cart without noticing. I called Zulily Customer Service for an unrelated question and a lady at CS pointed out the quantity on that item and when I told her that it was a mistake. She refunded the cost of one item and asked me to keep both anyways. I didn't even ask for a remediation. 

Another time I order O's birthday dress and when I got it, it was way too big and obviously not the advertised size. I called to ask if they had the same item in a smaller size and they refunded the cost of that dress and asked me to keep it. 

A sketcher's pair of shoes had some finer details a little off and they refunded that as well when I asked them to replace it.

They are awesome and I love that they take care of their customer even if I didn't ask for a refund or store credit for delayed shipments. 

Since Zulily's business model is to gather orders before placing them with their suppliers to keep the costs low, their shipping time is long. It takes, on average 15-18 business days for orders to be fulfilled. (Usually you pay for shipping as well). 

If they exceed the estimated shipping time (they give you time estimates for each item upfront), they will refund the shipping costs. 

If you go via Ebates (you get cash back via check) and use coupon codes, you will save much more with Zulily

These are some of the items I picked up at Zulily over the past few years. 

Brand: Ava loves Olli
Make Believe Ideas Book set
Calvin Klein
Easy Playhouse
Joe Ella
C.I. Castro
Young Hearts
Kenneth Cole
Little Willy's


All opinions on indigoandviolet, expressed explicitly or implied are mine own. None of them have been influenced by any person, company, wine or money. 
And none are intended to persuade or dissuade any users to make purchases of their own. 
I know I did this when I was a child. And that child, who just won't go away still loves to build little castles and hide in make-shift tents and under duvets and quilts. 

EasyPlayhouse creates durable green castles and houses that are easy to put together. It is cardboard cut outs put together to form the perfect little hide aways. 

I found one on Zulily this Christmas and bought one for my 2 year old who will hide under any table or behind every door and one for our nephew. I bought the Crafty Cottage (this is the one where the roof has a crescent moon with stars and shapes on the body). They also have the Castle (four corner tower style) and a Classic Playhouse (I think this is the same as Crafty Cottage except the roof has the sun with clouds and stars on the body). I like the Craft Cottage the best because I am always looking for hidden lessons for O. The shapes on the body is her little lesson and she loves me doing a little peek-a-boo through them with her  finding the shape through which I am staring down at her. Check out the EasyPlayhouses here

Easy Playhouse - The Crafty Cottage and it's little resident
Needless to say - I love it... I mean, she loves it. 

It came right on time and very compactly packed. There was a nice picture instruction on how to put together the two piece house. Easiest construction ever. 

The material is durable enough but not as much as I hoped it would be. Especially the doors and windows. I did some taping here and there, just so that it won't tear when it is played with. 

Another thing I have a crib about is that it is space consuming (not that I expected otherwise) but I wish there was an easy way to fold it down and tuck it under a bed or behind a door. I had to dismantle it and put it away. 

I love that you can draw and color on it and get everyone's creativity flowing. The playhouse is reversible - it comes with the usual brown cardboard side and a white side. 

I would recommend EasyPlayHouse for every little (or big) child. 

Prices - For the product, it's worth it but doesn't it become more worthy when it's cheaper? At the online store, it's priced at $40 with a $9.99 shipping charge. I hate shipping costs. There is a provision to enter coupon codes, if they are available. 

Wait for it on Zulily and get it at 50% off. (You can set up notifications to remind you when it is on)

Don't you just love how people take the things we know & love and make them into such viable products? I always have 'Why-didn't-I-think-of-it'? moments every once in a while. 

Do you have an Easyplayhouse? What do you like most about it? 

Would you get one?