Oh wait, that was about Love? Not shoes? Same Difference! 

Recently I posted this pic with a ton of musings about my daughter. Now I want to pay attention to those lovely pair of shoes. 
I love this Marc Jacobs more for it's whimsical and adorable design inside. It's comfortable and perfect for a night out. And I almost did not own it. 

I found this pair online. Someone rightly suggested that I would love it. It was available at DSW - Designer Shoe Warehouse. This is an outlet store that offers designer shoes and bags for less than market value. I have picked up a couple of flip flops and such from DSW since we have one a little away from home. I remained on the fence about this store until I found these shoes only at this store. 

This pair, I ordered online. I sat on pins and needles until it arrived. Giddy with excitement I tried them on. I was no Cinderella. The shoes did not fit my giant feet. 

I ordered this pair with the upcoming Venture Photography shoot in mind and I figured it was an easy fix. But Murphy struck. I went to the DSW at Paramus, NJ. Unfortunately they did not have it in store and offered to order one online for me. 

Obviously there wouldn't be a post had it not been the hardest experience ever. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. A lovely young man - Jim offered to help me. He stayed on the phone with DSW Customer Care for atleast an hour (maybe more) waiting for them to find the right pair, the right size and place an order. All the while I stood there, being the object of silent glares of shoppers waiting in line. 

The store manager - Jill watched. Towards the end of that endless call, she stepped up and took over the call. She politely asked the customer care folks to kindly over-night the pair to me, in time for our photo shoot because 'this poor lady has grown roots at my store.' I did not ask them to do that (even though I wanted to) because swallowing his impatience, piling work and hunger pangs (this poor guy had dinner delivered to him amidst all this) Jim waited patiently and politely with me, never hanging up despite the on-hold delays. 

BK had abandoned me there since lil O has the patience of a bulldog (I have no idea if bulldogs are patient or not, it just fits right in that sentence). Jill gave me her phone to curse BK out and ask him to 'drop everything and come get me right now' (Murphy ensured that my phone died on me as well). 

Look at how beautiful this picture turned out - the shoes give it a lovely uplift too.

I had my heart set on that pair. I had my heart warmed by Jim and Jill. I can't thank them enough for helping me that night. DSW at Paramus, NJ for all your shoe cravings and nicest folks.

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