Sometime last month, Citrus Lane sponsored a giveaway - 4 Counting books from Chronicle BooksChronicle Books specializes in award-winning, innovative books for adults and children. 
Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription care package put together by a mother, designed to introduce new parents to different products and new brands curated specifically with your child's age in mind. When subscribed to on a monthly basis, they cost $25 per month. 
I haven't subscribed to them yet. 

But I do follow them on Facebook because I like their blog. And it was then that I entered and won their Chronicle Books giveaway. 

And gifting me books is like giving candy to a child who's every tooth is a sweet tooth. 

This books counts dinosaurs.
This books counts 1 - 20 in candies!
This books counts 10 funny animals with a pop out number.
This book features Emma and Aiden demanding tons of Jelly Beans.
'How many Jelly Beans?' has a page that opens up to show one million Jelly Beans!
These are really fun books to go over numbers for toddlers. Check out Chronicle Books


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